The focal point of our operations is all matters related to forwarding of all types of cargo, such as: containers, general cargo and oversize cargo. Moreover, part of our offer provides the following transport-supporting services:

  • cargo customs clearance in all branches of transport (by sea, by road, by air, by rail);
  • preparation of customs declarations, both in export and import;
  • guaranteeing the customs debt in import procedures, in procedures of cargo movement with delayed excise collection and in transit procedures, all on behalf of the customer;
  • issuing of Certificates of Origin, EUR1, T2L;
  • party registration in PUESC system;
  • support in arranging of EORI.

CARTRAG offers full-scale support

We arrange our tasks in such a way, which allows our customers to concentrate on their priorities, leaving all issues associated with transport of their goods in our hands. It must also be mentioned, that we offer professional consultancy in the area of packing, lashing, securing and means of transport.

Even more possibilities

That is still not all! This company’s mission is to become a solid and reliable partner for all the customers who decide to trust us. Hence, our offer also consists of storing services, tutoring in the field of securing cargo for transport and cargo securing materials sale.