Get to know CARTRAG!

The story of our company has begun on Friday the 13th…
We perceive this fact as the foundation of CARTRAG’s belief, that since September 13 th 1991 we shall make an effort to complete any challenge with confidence. And so we have, to this day.

The company has 100% Polish shareholding. We are a founding member of the Polish International Freight Forwarders Association (PISiL) and an individual member of FIATA. It is a solid ground to build on, which translates into more and more customers putting their trust in us. We can happily and honestly claim to have collaborated with over a thousand companies! Our cooperation with them is filled with pride, commitment and complete concentration on contributing to their success. We simply know how to do it. Our team is experienced, professional and effective.

These features help us support Polish exporters and importers as we take on the responsibility of delivering the goods safely and on time. What makes this possible is the fact that we work together with all the shipping lines, who offer their services in Poland and Western Europe, and many more around the world.

Full-scale forwarding services

CARTRAG specializes in organization of transport through sea and land. We handle all sorts of containerized, oversize and general cargo. In our portfolio you may also find terminal handling services (domestically and internationally), customs services and storing services. We provide a unique offer – ContainerPacking, as well.

Why have so many companies trusted us?

We could simply say that we are professionals and fulfilling our customers’ needs is our utmost priority. Nevertheless, one thing has to be made clear: we offer the most customer-friendly pricing solutions and are not afraid of being flexible when it comes to agreeing on the conditions of our cooperation. We respect the time of those who have chosen to work with us and limit our customers’ involvement in the transportation process to the bare minimum, thus enabling them to focus on the business aspects while not being preoccupied with their cargo. The most important thing? We accept any challenge, approaching it with the highest quality of service possible, ensuring that our customers enjoy their time free of any worries.