ContainerPacking is our innovative, independent and unique project. It focuses on the following aspects: consultancy, designs, delivery of packaging, loading operations and maintenance services for all types of transport. It is a comprehensive offer aimed at manufacturers, forwarders, hauliers and individual clients. We have created a project which serves as a guarantee of safe transport. While traveling by any means of transport, the cargo is packed, lashed and protected from extreme weather conditions. The services are carried out by both our stationary facility and the mobile team of experts, which allows us to stay flexible and suit the customers’ needs well.


Valid certificates

We are professional, responsible and focus on safety. Our abilities and knowledge are confirmed with certificates issued by the leading institutions of the industry: Maritime University of Szczecin, Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce (KIGM), Polish International Freight Forwarders Association (PISiL), FIATA and CPC.

Maintenance services

Maintenance of export packaging includes machines and other equipment, industrial electronics, boats and vehicles, cars and resettlement property. Our operations also involve disassembly of steel constructions, container loading and securing of segments of production units.