Equipped with years of experience, we handle both export and import shipments, organizing transport by sea and by land, including: rail, road (domestic and international) and multimodal transport. We take upon ourselves all the formalities, trying to save the time and comfort of our customers. We cooperate with all the biggest shipping lines and can proudly state that we have worked with over a thousand customers. Their trust is the greatest foundation to our company and the sweetest motivation to maintain our effort at the maximum level.

We will move any kind of cargo

Paper in reels, wood and wooden products, heavy machinery and other equipment, mineral oils and lubricants, automotive accessories, textiles, foodstuff, waste paper, plastic waste and other wastes, steel, granulated materials, yachts and motor boats, oversize cargo and many others. There is no such thing as a transport impossible to be arranged!

Satisfactory cooperation guaranteed

We value safety, professionalism and timely operations. Our characteristics include experience, focus on the customers’ needs and competitive prices.