Version 0.6.0 

Welcome to Go-PEAR
Complete installation

HTTP proxy (host:port):

Below is a suggested file layout for your new PEAR installation.

Note: Make sure that PHP has the permission to access the specified

1. Installation prefix
2. Binaries directory
3. PHP code directory ($php_dir)
4. Documentation base directory
5. Data base directory
6. Tests base directory
7. Temporary files directory
8. PEAR Installer cache directory
9. Cache TimeToLive
10. Filename of WebFrontend
11. php.exe path, optional (CLI command tools)

The following PEAR packages are common ones, and can be installed
by go-pear too:
Install those too

Note: Installation might take some time, because go-pear has to download
all needed files from Just be patient and wait for the next
page to load.

Compatibility-Mode for old non-DOM Browsers